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3D House

Model development 

Project Objective:

Create a custom packaging solution for a chosen airline.


Project Solution:

Upon receiving AirCanada as my target airline I redesigned an existing meal pack based on the relevant celebration that was happening; the 150th Anniversary of Canada. This solution allowed me to explore different details for the new packaging. My solution showcases a sleek matte finish texture, bold red color to coincide with the existing AirCanada branding.  The imagery featured on the lower half of the packaging is a halftone representation of the Canadian landscape and mountain ranges. My solution for the interior of the packaging began with several prototypes of leaf-shaped boxes. After exploring those ideas and researching the celebrations that were happening in Canada at the time I realized that a geometric leaf mimicking the 150th branding was a better ideation for my packaging. The base of my packaging holds the needed resources for an in-flight meal pack which features segregated portions, utensil area, and magnetic latches to keep the packaging doors closed when not in use. 

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