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Graphic Design Posters Series

Project Objective:

Using the concept of the "5 senses" create a series of collage posters to showcase something that exists fundamentally without being visually present. 


Project Solution:

My concept for this project was based on several mental disorders. This concept illustrates the project objective in an abstract way due to disorders being real and existent to those who possess them and then visually unseen since they are outcomes of mental instability or deficiencies. Each poster was tied together by the same visual graphics such as mandalas and insects while also featuring a description of the disorder.


(a) The first poster was illustrating the effects of clinical depression. Using photography I was able to capture what appears to be a woman on the verge of suicide. To further act upon the seriousness of this disorder I incorporated authentic suicide letters.



(b) I used dissociative identity disorder to inspire me in the visual representation in this poster. I conceptualized this disorder a facade of faces; someone who puts on masks, unable to find their true face. Each face or mask features a different expression or emotion while the hands behind the subject are constantly tugging and prodding her to be someone else. 


(c) The next disorder is anxiety, something we all can recognize and understand. I used the concept of being stuck in a web, unable to move or free yourself because anxiety can be so disabling. 


(d) Represented within this poster is the bipolar disorder, which is characterized by polarity between two selves. My visualization of this disorder acts upon an angel and demon classification because bipolar people tend to have a normal demeanor and one that is in rage, yet both behaviors are within the same person thus I linked both as if they are holding hands in this poster.


(e) Anorexia Nervosa is shown in the last poster, I included it because it is present in our society and at times overlooked. Girls are constantly attempting to look thinner to match the celebrities they see or the social media they follow, and that in turn creates unhealthy body image based on the consumer image of the industry.

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