Lenticular Thematic Project

Project Objective:

As a physical output project, I was able to experiment with different materials such as the use of lenticular photo printing techniques to produce a series of photos featuring transformations.


Project Solution:

My solution revolved around the idea of transformation and change to create a whimsical masquerade themed project. Each card holds two photos printed to appear holographic, in which one side shows one photo and when moving it to the other side another photo appears. The photos were taken at a beautiful and enigmatic antique store called Philosophy Antiques. After gaining permission to use the entirety of the stores to capture various scenes, my model and makeup artist delved into action. Each photo pair was comprised of unique makeup styling, mask, and clothing/costuming so that every lenticular card was one of a kind. The makeup stylizing was produced to mimic the colors, embellishments, and personality of the masks they accompanied. 

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