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Skincare Kit

Packaging w/ Brand Application

Project Objective:

Create a custom packaging solution based on a given product (the tall slender bottle shown to the left) and a custom branding application to showcase the product.


Project Solution:

After receiving the product for my packaging, I conceived the idea for a botanically inspired kit packaging. After mind mapping keywords and name ideations, I contrived Moorea, which then led me to the Tahitian theme and the showcase of the Moorea island. I researched plants, oils, and serums that help in maintaining healthy skin for expecting mothers and created the product components that includes a rejuvenating body lotion, stretchmark serum, and vitamin C and E infused oils. The packaging itself was elaborately made with my very own custom designed dieline based on tropical plants and the use of rose gold to mimic the beaches of Tahiti. Product extensions were also created such as a website and the retail bag the product would be put into after purchase.  

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