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Graphic Design Posters

Project Objectives:

(a) Create an orchestra poster based on a chosen composer and their music. 

(b) Partner with another student to create a poster using randomly provided items (ours being a lightbulb and fire)

(c) Create a poster using a chosen theme, photographic elements, and vectors integrated into the design.

(d) Create a typographical poster based on a given word.

(e) Using 6 rhetorical figures, choose an item to embody each figure and then create an illustration of one.


Project Solution:

(a) For this poster, I chose to embody Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto Op 85 which was composed after the first world war and has a very heavy and emotional music score. For the graphics of the poster, I chose vivid reds and muted blue-gray tones to mimic the smoke, destruction, and violence that the song had reflected upon through its progression. The main subject of the poster is the iconic cello, which varied in style and color through my design process. 


(b) For this poster, I partnered with Tristan Reyes to create a collaborative poster using the two given elements of fire and a lightbulb. I conceptualized the idea of a lightbulb burning from the inside and decided to use photography to capture my vision. Using ink I dropped different colors into a jar that was shaped like a lightbulb. Then using post editing Tristan and I reversed the image to be right side up and curved. Tristan then color corrected the image and captioned the poster.


(c) This poster was a fun way to use photography to aid in designing a poster. Using LED lights and photo tricks I was able to make my model look as if she was falling down into the water. To incorporate the bioluminescence that I was referencing I added jellyfish and other glowing elements to the poster during the editing. The final product was intended for either a creative film poster or an informational magazine page spread to talk about bioluminescence. 


(d) Using typography to illustrate a given word or phrase, I chose to create a music festival poster with the phrase "Listen Up" and a photographic subject.


(e) Tasked with visualizing rhetorical figures of grammar/language, I chose the subject matter of a teacup to portray the concepts of repetition, metonymy, personification, paradox, synecdoche, and hyperbole.

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