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Corporate Identity

Project Objective:

Rebrand an existing civil institution


Project Background:

I chose to rebrand a very unique establishment called the Horniman Museum, situated atop Forest Hill in London, England. The background of the museum intrigued me for it was created by Frederick John Horniman in 1901. Frederick was a world traveler and active collector of unique and somewhat odd artifacts, almost to the point of being a hoarder. The museum has showcased his wide collection through many outlets such as interactive exhibits, taxidermied specimens, garden walks, farmers markets, instrument rooms, and even featuring live animals in the Horniman Petting Zoo and Aquarium! This museum has it all and is incredibly popular by families and inquisitive visitors.


Project Solution:

I focused on the way the museum showcased their exhibits through interactivity (such as their African room that allows guests to touch artifacts and wear tribal garbs). In order to maintain their wide array of items and activities, I sought to bring in technology to aid in the user experience of the museum. 


My solution brought in a new brand identity that played upon the role of technology and interactivity. The sheer depth and transparency the museum is built upon was transcribed within the new logo in which I have paired the resolute pillars of a serif letter H and the entwined modular lines and orbs. I extended my solution to other parts of the museum which related to the touch points visitors would experience, from signage and wayfinding to tickets and merchandise.


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