The Spell


Music Credit:

The Spell - The Black Heart Procession



David Turney /Alcoholic

Nick Lemanski /Alcoholic Extra

Tomora O'Hara /Personified Addiction



Project Description:

This project is a conceptual video project based on the lyrics by The Black Heart Procession. These lyrics are a vivid portrayal of addiction that personifies alcoholism as a fatal romance or an affair. 


My visualization of the video shows a young man trying to drown his sorrows with alcohol. As he slips further into intoxication he begins to see a mysterious woman whom no one else seems to see. He attempts to reason with himself, trying not to give into temptation but fails. As an embodiment of alcoholism, addiction, and intoxication the woman continues to plague him and captivates him further as if a spider weaving a web (in reference to the lyrics of the song). When the young man realizes all these troubles started with the alcohol he consumed, he breaks the cycle by breaking the bottle he's carrying, and in turn breaking what is burdening him.