Thesis Project

Music Credit:

The Inseparables - Lion, Meet Lizard



Nick Lemanski /Surfer

Tomora O'Hara /Surfer


Project Description:

As a resident of Laguna Beach and a nature enthusiast I sought to find a solution for a relevant problem we are facing today; increased shark attacks due to elevated oceanic temperatures. For my thesis, I chose to focus on the way current technology could aid in the prevention of further shark attacks on surfers worldwide. My solution was to create a device consisting of a spherical dome-shaped attachment for surfboards with infused parts such as sonar, depth mapping sensors, ai deduction components, suction compressor mount, infra-red 180-degree camera, and data collecting system integrated into a surfboard fin. This device is environmentally aware and able to scan the ocean for potential threats surfers may face while in the ocean, send sonar pulses to avert predators using natural marine life sound frequencies, and catalog the native marine life to keep track of changes to the aquatic ecosystems and receding sand lines. 

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